A woman is ever fickle and changeable.

I hope it isn't that bad.


You needn't to be afraid.

Does it work?

Do not answer a fool according to his folly, or you yourself will be just like him.

I was flat on my back for a week with a terrible cold.

We should worship our ancestors.

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Allen was given a problem that was impossible to solve.

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Stephe thinks that Dori drinks too much coffee.

Sergiu won't be getting any money from me.

I never work during weekends.

We'd be blamed for that if it happened.

We need to talk to her.

We have to do that as soon as we can.

This is a mistake students are apt to make.


I'm only trying to help.

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There's a lot to see in Paris.

I bought three bottles of wine.

He has three daughters; one is married, but the others aren't.

Have you measured it?

What sort of danger is there?

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She started talking as soon as she got through.


I guess I'll stay a while.

If Len wanted to kill me, I'd already be dead.

She is three years older than I am.

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Work hard so that you can succeed.


I'm attracted to him.

It is very hot here in the summer.

Like you just said, we don't have the slightest chance.


Plastic sat beside Woody on the bench.

The mosquitoes will eat you alive.

She had nothing else to drink.

The camel marches while the dogs bark.

There's a BMW parked out front.

The problem is how to raise the funds.

Every nation has its peculiar character.


Between the two of them, Ken is taller.


Meg is beating a drum.

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I have an itch in my ear.


I wanted to buy the huge stuffed bear at Ken's store, but it was not for sale.

He finds fault with everything I say.

The library is upstairs.

My brother is not as tall as Jiro.

Rusty promised Santa that he'd help her.

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You didn't write anything.

What would I do if they really came?

No matter what he plays on the screen, Dave looks great.

Radek is behind in his studies.

You do speak French, don't you?

Why don't you come dancing with me?

What's he doing there?

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He is doing his work.


The prisoners were set free.

Did you hire Rabin?

The train's about to leave. Hurry up.

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When did you start using contact lenses?


Liza was gone when I got home.

In this town, there is only one train station.

He informed me about the changes in the plan.

Roast lamb is eaten for Easter.

You cannot translate the sentence word-for-word.

He has no choice.

Stanly took a bite out of his sandwich.

I got a nasty sting from a wasp.

It is illegal for young people to drink.

It's a slip of the pen.

He is fighting with his back to the wall in the election.

Love belongs to those who believe in it.

This is a song which is popular now.


Where did you have the suit made?

Fill the tires with air.

Let him do what he wants! Edoardo is responsible.

Brandon suddenly got incredibly nervous.

I'll get it back from them.

I love golf.

That's not like you.

Maybe he has lots of girlfriends.

Stacey looks a little miserable.


How long does the spring break last?


This is cold.

It's perfect.

Danny had the grim task of identifying Vincenzo's body.

I thought Ross would want to see this.

Did you know that was there?

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Will you shut up, hellish cicada?

Why doesn't Stevan like Craig?

We just want to be loved.

Why would Dan call me at this time?

Why are you carding the wool?


Maintaining a competitive edge is important, if you want to survive in the tough business world.

It has to happen. There's no avoiding it.

The first thing to come to mind was her face.

Suspicion is destructive of friendship.

Can I see you inside, please?

I probably will do that again.

These are questions worth debating.

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Some time passed, but I didn't get her return letter.


Syun traveled under an assumed name.

Were these pictures taken in Germany?

Leonard is a bit of a sissy.

Giles and Guy made their way through the woods.

I constantly talk to myself.

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He has appeared as the man of the day in today's paper.

I'm moving to Boston.

He went pale with fear and then turned red with embarrassment.

Would you please check this matter with your bank?

She feared for her life.


I want my share of the money.

A recent analysis by Boeing forecasts that unless safety is improved, jet airliners could be falling out of the sky at the rate of once a week by the year 2010.

Ritalynne said he wasn't coming back.

Do you want me to wait until you come for me?

It's just a cold.


Tell me again where you live.


It's a daydream attack.

I've never played tennis with Matt.

We can make it work this time.


Don is a fantastic singer.


The giant was not loved by anybody.

There has never been a nation that was not eventually destroyed.

I just want to help fix the problem.

All of these resources combined together, could not purchase or equal the value of an eternal life.

John's grandmother passed away after a long illness.

Spread it on slices of toast and sprinkle some pine nuts on top.

I've contacted them.


That's just an old wives' tale.

But take her within, slaves.

Boyce would never hurt his children.


They advanced on the town.

I will continue with my efforts.

When I see the soundly sleeping face of my daughter, I think, "I will give it my all tomorrow, too."

The doctor said that what Jason has isn't contagious.

This reminds me of him.

You talked to Laurent, didn't you?

Kyu and I are dependent on each other.

"Oh! they'll find him guilty," said the other. "Don't you be afraid of that."

The second man was a Spanish explorer.

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We still have a ways to go.

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I wonder which of you will win.

Spock also bought a dozen eggs.

Kathleen disagrees with you on that point.

Even God cannot make two times two not make four.

He inherited some hectares of land from his grandfather.

Knut bought a new camera last month.

Elisabeth won't be back till 2:30.

These scissors are new.

Swamy is only supposed to have one visitor at a time.

I'm such a loser.

It was very difficult for you to concentrate.

I'll fire her.

The snake ate the crocodile.


Linda woke up the next day with a painful hangover.

There's plenty of time.

Tareq has a great talent for the assignment of tasks.


Go choke!

You're a good influence on him.

Bunnies are social animals.

Carisa blamed the accident on me.

She noticed a strange smell in the kitchen.

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He's living a miserable life.

I will speak to her alone.

I'm going to the theater on the corner.